Kindness: Is it too rare these days?

Recently, I went to the Post Office, got out of my car and was walking to the door when I saw an old lady walking slowly to the door. I ran up, beat her to the door and opened it for her. She looked up at me and said: “Thank you very much. Are you a Pastor?”

Wow: I was very happy that she was grateful, and at the same time felt saddened that she thinks I am a Pastor. I wondered if we have gotten to a place in this world where only Pastors show acts of kindness.

Her question and your challenge today is a daily reminder that we must show kindness to people every day all the way. Nothing against Pastors, but we can’t leave acts of kindness just to them. We, too, must live it daily.

Start today. People will notice, and you will help make the world a better place.

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb