Data shows that many made a New Year’s resolution for this year, and the same data says that many already broke their resolution.

So I have an idea. How about a resolution you can start anytime, and if you drop the ball, you can re-start it again.

How about a new language? And what if this new language is the language of love and forgiveness? And what if you start by forgiving yourself first?

Every hour, and every day is an opportunity for a second chance. Your creator is eager to give you a second chance, and most people are willing to do the same. Now is the time to forgive yourself for past mistakes.

After you’ve done that, it is time to forgive others. People are valuable. They are more important than things or your resentment. Isn’t it time you forgive them the same way you want to be forgiven? It’s time to turn the page and start speaking in the language of love.

I urge you to make a new resolution to day to learn the language of love and forgiveness.

AuthorJessica Culbertson