Do you wonder if you can make a difference by yourself? Do you wish you were in a higher position in order to be influential?

Really, a promotion does not necessarily make you a leader nor does it make you influential. It simply gives you a title. You can be a boss with absolutely no influence. Yet on the other hand, you can lead without ever having an official title.

Consider Sam, a young Illini basketball fan. During “Dance Cam” game breaks, Sam puts on blue glasses and a upside down popcorn container over his head. Sam dances and gets the crowd to roar. Young kid, BIG influence. So much influence that the Orange Crush invited him to lead their whole section in dancing, and they ALL wore inverted popcorn boxes on their heads. All of the Orange Crush are now following this one kid.

What a difference one person can make, especially when joined by others!

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb