Brad is a friend of mine who spent two decades serving in the Air Force Special Forces, and the FBI. He’s a neat guy, and every time we talk I am amazed by the wisdom we can apply in civilian lives.

He told me how he was once training members of a country’s ruling family who wanted to be in their country’s special forces (because it was cool to be in special ops). He found himself repeatedly saying: “Will you do Hard”, meaning there were easy (but incorrect) ways to do things, and hard (but correct ways) to do them and stay alive.

The application? We humans often do things the easy but wrong way and avoid doing things the right way if that means going the hard route.

So the question is: “Will YOU do Hard?” Will you be a good example to others? Will you preserve your beliefs and integrity even if it means taking the road less travelled? Will you help preserve our standards and lift up our community and our country to a higher place?

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb