Meet Habeeb Habeeb

  Habeeb Habeeb, President & CEO of    BPC  &   Founder of H Squared, with his wife, Joy.

Habeeb Habeeb, President & CEO of BPC & Founder of H Squared, with his wife, Joy.

Habeeb and his mom

Hi. I am Habeeb. I am a father. I am a husband. I am a brother. I am a friend. I am a CEO. My cup is overflowing. All of us have a story about how we became the person we are today. My story was shaped by a loving family, a dream, and life-changing adversity.

I was a shy 17-year-old who left my home in Lebanon to come to America in 1973. My dream was to attend medical school so I could return to Lebanon to support my family. That dream was coming together until great civil war broke out back home.  I lost all contact with my family. I did not know if they were dead or alive, how I’d pay for tuition next semester or how I’d eat the next day. But what I did know is that I was in America. There were no bombs in the sky. And failure was not an option.

So this super shy Lebanese kid leaves college to get a job taking orders at the local Arby’s, and I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I learned a lot from that job such as, how to fit in to a small town without losing my identity, erasing stereotypes, flattening differences, overcoming adversity, living with integrity. But the most important lesson I learned was that the simple notation of kindness can take you anywhere you want to go in this world.

 Habbeb Habeeb, his wife Joy, son Paul, and daughter Hannah

Habbeb Habeeb, his wife Joy, son Paul, and daughter Hannah

This lesson has carried me through my life and I have a great passion for helping others see and feel the power that kindness has on them, those they share it with and the world around them. Today I lead a company that is built on the foundation of this lesson and we practice it each and every time we serve our clients and colleagues.

The H-Squared initiative was launched for the purpose of helping people and organizations take the good in their work, relationships and community to a higher-power.