The world is a stage, and people watch the way we behave. Everyone of our actions is seen by others: by employees, our friends, and most importantly: our children see it.

The Golden rule says to “treat everyone like you want to be treated,” yet it seems that many people have a double standard.

Adults: we are an example to those around us, especially our children. Remember, when our children hear us say bad things behind people’s backs, they start seeing our hypocrisy and unkindness. Then we wonder where our children picked up bad habits.

Resolve today to be the same person in front and behind people’s backs. Resolve to be the same at work, at home,a t church, and in your social circles. Resolve to be the best example of kindness to your children.

And to the young peolple hearing this, resolve today to be kinder at school. Be an encourager and use your words to help your classmates, not hurt them.

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb