Selfishness or selflessness… which is better?

To make the point, let me ask you: Do you know selfish people, and do you know selfless people? Who do you like more, and who do you prefer to be with?

Stephen Kendrick wrote that most bad actions ever committed can be traced back to selfish motives. Selfishness is a trait we hate in others but justify in ourselves. On the other hand, selflessness is a virtue, and we love seeing it in our service men and women and first-responders.

So how do we overcome our own selfishness? We can start by changing our own mindset and by focusing on doing something for others. By learning to stop judging others and understanding them instead. By looking for ways to help, anticipating their needs and feelings. By developing empathy for other people and allowing ourselves to imagine how they feel, what hurts them or makes them happy. By volunteering our time for a worthy cause. By opening our hearts.

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb