A wonderful trend of fitness has been sweeping across the nation and it is terrific to see so many people caring about their body, improving their health, and reducing the need for some medication.

Caring enough to invest in your body is an admirable trait, and i applaud you if you have chosen to so. Let me encourage you to go one step further and invest in your mind, in personal growth and development.

What enters your mind determines your level of accomplishment, achievement, and success. And these motivational minutes have been my way of filling your mind with good thoughts to help you thrive and achieve.

Now you have a chance to do so for more than just minute—a whole day: we are pleased to be the title sponsor of Chic-fil-a LEADERCAST on May 10 in Champaign.

We will come together in Champaign for a one day leadership event featuring a live broadcast of prominent speakers such as Jack Welch, Condolezza Rice, and John Maxwell. This is great investment in your mind. Join me for that meeting by registering at at http://culeaders.eventbrite.com/ and using the promotional code “habeeb”.  I hope to see you there.

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb