Gossip. We all hate it. It happens at home, in families, and at work. And it sucks people’s energies.

At BPC, my colleague Patti frequently tells our employees a parenting incident about gossip. One day one of her children came to her and said: “You won’t believe what my brother did.” She stopped him right there and said: “Are you telling me because you are tattling on him, or because you are concerned for his safety?” He paused for a bit and said: “Concerned for his safety.” So she let him proceed and tell her what his brother did.

Relationships at home, work, or with friends are similar to parenting. There is a fine line between gossip and concern. So do as  Patti did: examine your motives and be careful what you say, be careful what you engage yourself in, and be careful what you allow others to tell you. Be a good influence to your children, to your friends, and co-workers.

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb