A genie came out of the bottle one day and looked at the mouse and said “make a wish”, and the mouse said “I wish I was a cat so I’m not eaten.” Poof! He was a cat.

The genie asked the cat to make a wish, the cat said I wish I was a dog so the dog doesn’t eat me.” Poof! It was a dog.

The dog wished he was a wolf so the wolf doesn’t eat him. Poof! he was a wolf.

And the wolf said he wanted to be a bear. And he became a bear. The bear wished he was a man so the man doesn’t shoot him. And the man wished he had hair. The hairy man wished he had curly hair. And finally the genie had enough and said “stop wishing and start living” Enjoy life.

What about you? Are you continually wishing for something and thinking you won’t have a full life until that happens? Stop wishing and start living. Enjoy life. Go to my HabeebSquare page on Facebook and share what makes you feel alive.

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