Habeeb's Book Club

I love books. Specifically books that help us look deeper inside of ourselves and give us tools to become kinder, happier, more faithful and focused people. I encourage you to read these impactful books that were a great blessing on my life. I've shared them with friends, family, colleagues and strangers. Now I want to share them with you.

Video of Habeeb explaining the book club

August Book of the Month:


A number of years ago my wife Joy gifted me the book Silver Boxes: The Gift of Encouragement. Its message of encouragement and kindness had such an impact on me that I have since given more than a hundred copies to family, friends, colleagues, and clients.


Previous Months Books:




It goes without saying, but I switched this page up so that books could be introduced each month and the book club would build a larger and more extensive reading list as time passes. Here are some of the thoughts I had building this page:

  • I think the faded picture with the title at the top of the page could make a nice landing spot as people first get to the page and scroll down to the information
  • The text explaining Habeeb's Book Club next to a video of you talking about the book club could be redundant, I'm not sure. We could make one on what the book club is about in terms of goals/purpose, and the other on why you started it.
  • If you like the monthly additions to the reading list idea, featuring that month's book seemed to be the best thing to follow the intro sections
  • The previous month's books section would not exist in the first month, but when august comes the July book would move down into that section and so on as the months pass.
  • The "previous month's books" section features two options for how to build it. The top one is just pictures of the book with the month underneath. I can make the picture links to another page, where we could basically put the book's picture, links to purchase it, and some background info sort of like you see in the "book of the month" section. The other option is to bypass that and use the bottom of the "previous months books" options and people can just click through to the Amazon link and buy the book straight from there.